Our Natural Linalool Oxide is prepared by enzymatic bioconversion of natural linalool. The product has a floral character which is dominated by the profile of black tea. Therefore it is particularly suitable for natural black tea flavors, but also in lower concentrations in other tea flavor types, like Oolong and green tea. In addition it is useful in all kinds of fruit flavors, like stone fruit, tropical fruit and citrus flavors.

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Axxence will visit IFEAT Berlin 2023

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Q&A with Ron Honing

After the recent announcement of our collaboration and supply agreement with Axxence Aromatic GmbH to market our unique Alpha-Ionone ingredient to food and beauty manufacturers worldwide, we sat down with Ron Honing, CEO of Axxence, to talk about all things flavors and fragrances, the role of biotechnology and how this dynamic market is evolving.

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Axxence Aromatic and Wageningen Plant Research agree long-term strategic cooperation in research and development in natural flavour ingredients


Emmerich (Germany), 22 September 2022 - Axxence Aromatic GmbH ("Axxence"), a leading manufacturer and supplier of natural flavour ingredients for the global flavour and fragrance industry, and the Dutch research institute Wageningen Plant Research ("WPR"), part of Wageningen University & Research ("WUR"), today announced their long-term strategic research and development ("R&D") cooperation. With a partnership agreement over the next five years, Axxence and WPR further expand their successful collaboration that has been in place since 2015. The aim of this deepened collaboration is to advance research in the field of natural flavour ingredients. These ingredients are ultimately used by Axxence customers to develop natural flavours for the food and beverage industry as well as natural fragrances for the perfume and cosmetics industry.

Research projects will focus on the development and production of natural flavours through the fermentation of sugars. Projects for the fermentative production of natural raspberry ketone and natural indole are already advanced. They will serve as a blueprint for new projects to be launched in the coming months.

Peter van der Schaft, CEO of Axxence, comments: "At Axxence, we believe that collaboration is the key to creativity and success. Our collaboration with WPR is an important strategic step to accelerate the further development and diversification of our R&D pipeline - with the aim of providing our customers with innovative products that address the changing needs of end consumers. With proven expertise in plant science and a strong position within the Wageningen Food Valley infrastructure, WPR is the ideal partner for us. We will continue to invest heavily in our research and development work to set the pace in the natural flavour ingredients market for the future."

Ruud van den Bulk, Head Business Development & Legal Affairs at WPR, adds: "Wageningen University & Research strives to build knowledge in collaboration with governments, companies and other partners and to promote the active dissemination of this knowledge in society. We look forward to further deepening our collaboration with Axxence thanks to this long-term agreement. Over the past seven years, we have already advanced research in the field of natural flavour ingredients through various biotechnology projects. From now on, our collaboration will intensify even further. By combining Axxence's deep understanding of flavours and our scientific expertise, we will facilitate the development and commercialisation of natural products. This fits perfectly with WPR's ambition to contribute to the development of more sustainable production processes that are less dependent on petrochemical processes and thus preserve biodiversity."

As part of its growth strategy, Axxence has recently invested in a state-of-the-art facility in the "Axxence Park" in Bratislava (Slovakia), which will play an important role in the production of innovative products from the new R&D cooperation with WPR. With this strategic step and the capacity expansion in Emmerich, Axxence sees itself excellently positioned for the next phase of accelerated growth.

About Axxence

Axxence is a leading manufacturer and supplier of natural flavour ingredients to the global flavour and fragrance industry. The company currently has around 100 employees. Its more than 250 natural flavour product solutions are sold in over 35 countries to more than 240 customers, including the largest companies in the flavour and fragrance industry. Axxence is headquartered in Emmerich, Germany, and operates two production facilities in Slovakia. Since 2021, the company has been majority-owned by the capiton Group, based in Berlin.

About Wageningen University & Research

With the aim of exploring the potential of nature to improve the quality of life, Wageningen University & Research ("WUR") combines basic and applied knowledge to contribute to solving important questions in the field of healthy nutrition and the living environment. More than

6,500 staff (over 5,500 FTE) and more than 12,000 students draw inspiration from nature, society and technology and approach issues with an open and curious perspective. This inspiration has enabled WUR to marvel, develop knowledge and apply that knowledge internationally for over a century. We work with governments, businesses, non-governmental organisations and other research institutes.

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