Fragrance is specific, individual and unique. Creating perfumes or fragrances is an art form based on science and knowledge, frangrance pic as well as an emotional analysis and response to the various chemical components that are blended to create a harmonious synergy.

Today there is more and more interest in the natural fragrance market with pure natural components in everything from fabric conditioners to room deodorizers, delicate baby products and everyday skin care.

A balanced fragrance or perfume will need to have a synergy of aroma chemicals, rather like a piece of music. 
Top, mid and base notes need to be in harmony in order for the symphony to work. Harsh, out of tone musical notes grate on the ear. 
Similarly in a perfume or fragrance these individual notes need to blend together smoothly for the smell to flow. 
When formulating a natural fragrance, chemical components can be blended together to create the desired effect, but this also opens up the potential for using extracts from other materials to enhance the overall signature.

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