Natural Prenyl Mercaptan

FEMA 3896

Natural Beta-Damascenone

FEMA 3420

Natural Methyl Thiobutyrate

FEMA 3310

Natural Methyl Thiohexanoate

FEMA 3862

Natural Methyl Thiopropionate

FEMA 4172

Natural Methyl Thioisovalerate

FEMA 3864

Natural Trans-2-Hexenal

FEMA 2560

Natural Trans-2-Hexenol

FEMA 2562

Natural Trans-2-Hexenyl Acetate

FEMA 2564

Powerful, fresh-green fruity topnotes. Wanted in delicate fragrances and in particular widely applied in fruit flavour compositions. Axxence manufactures these compounds since 2008, covering the entire production process from the plant seed to the isolated natural molecules. Large and solidly growing demand demonstrates the indispensability of these natural aroma ingredients.

Natural Rose Oxide

FEMA 3236

Isolated by means of in-house developed equipment in Axxence Slovakia, Natural Rose Oxide has shown to be an immediate success in 2013. Deliverable with a purity of over 95 percent, the compound provides a distinct floral green note to a variety of fruity flavours such as mango, lychee and kiwi.

Exploiting biotechnology, isolation technology and soft chemistry processes, Axxence Aromatic develops and manufactures natural aroma ingredients in compliance with EU 1334/2008 for the flavour and fragrance industries. For more information or samples please contact the Axxence sales department at tel. +49 2822 68561 0 or use our contact form.

Natural Diallyl Disulfide

FEMA 2028

Enhanced garlic and onion notes for flavour compositions, spice blends et cetera. Effective in low concentrations. This natural ingredient was very well received at the flavourist round table meeting in Newark, NJ USA in May 2013. Utilizing soft chemistry, this material is currently being produced in Slovakia.

For more information or samples please contact the Axxence sales department at tel. +49 2822 68561 0 or use our contact form.

Natural 3-Methyl Thiohexanal

FEMA 3877

Natural 3-Methyl Thiohexanol

FEMA 3438

Natural 3-Methyl Thiohexyl Acetate

FEMA 3789

Natural Pyrazines

Mixtures containing:
FEMA No.s 3149, 3150, 3154, 3155, 3244, 3272, 3273, 3281, 3919, 4434

Pure Products:
FEMA No.s 3237, 3244, 3919


Pyrazines brochure

Natural Methyl 3-Methyl Thiopropionate

FEMA 2720

Natural Ethyl 3-Methyl Thiopropionate

FEMA 3343

Natural Methionol

FEMA 3415

Natural Methionyl Acetate

FEMA 3883

Natural Methionyl Butyrate

FEMA 4160

Natural Phenyl Acetaldehyde

FEMA 2874

Natural Trans-2-Nonenal

FEMA 3213

Natural Phenyl Propanal

FEMA 2887

Natural Rose Oxide

FEMA 3236

Natural p-Cymene

FEMA 2356

Natural 3-Mercaptohexanol

FEMA 3850

Natural 3-Mercaptohexyl Acetate

FEMA 3851

Natural 3-Mercaptohexyl Butyrate

FEMA 3852

Natural 2-Methyl-4-Propyl-1,3-Oxathiane

FEMA 3578

Natural 2-Methyl Tetrahydrofuran-3-Thiol

FEMA 3787

Natural Thialdine

FEMA 4018

Natural 1-Octen-3-Ol

FEMA 2805

Natural Delta-Decalactone

FEMA 2361

Natural Delta-Dodecalactone

FEMA 2401

Natural Indole

FEMA 2593